A star is born.


Ferron was established in 2001 to support Dexa Group’s growth by providing enhanced production, development, and marketing capabilities. By 2005, its rapid growth saw it listed among the 20 largest pharmaceutical operations in Indonesia (Source: IHPA+IPA 2005; IMS Audit 2005). Since then, the company has continued to grow by continually innovating in products and in processes. Its extensive API sourcing network, built over four decades, has also helped Ferron operate as a contract manufacturer (with both existing and new API sources).

By leveraging its widespread network, Ferron has successfully implemented highly localized strategies and strengthened access to its medicines across the region. Just seven years after its inception, Ferron started delivering products to the United Kingdom.

The name Ferron was inspired by the Latin ferreus (“made of iron”), as a reminder of the inner strength of the company’s values. The three sides of Ferron’s triangular logo represent its three core priorities: care, quality, and innovation.


Ferron has also successfully developed medicines “end-to-end” — from creating formulations to preparing Common Technical Document (CTD) dossiers. Its products span a range of dosage forms and drug delivery systems, such as the multiparticulate system (Dexsphere), the matrix system (Dextric), the gastro-retentive system (D-float), and microencapsulation (Fastab).

Ferron’s principal factory at Cikarang (in Java, Indonesia) was completed in 2002. It is equipped with five state-of-the-art production lines, capable of manufacturing various dosage forms: solids (tablets, coated tablets, capsules), liquids (oral syrups), semi-solids (creams, gels, ointments, suppositories), and sterile solutions (injectables in ampoules, injectables in vials, and eye drops). The high-standard sterile line can produce sterile solutions in glass bottles as well as the more advanced lyophilized injectables. Ferron’s warehouse comfortably accommodates 4,000 pallets.

Tablet Caplet Syringe Syrup Capsule
Suspension Soft-gel capsule Drops Dry-powder syrup

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